9.12 Industrial Parks and Town Centers


In General

An industrial park is an area specifically dedicated, restricted or zoned for the exclusive use of compatible industrial buildings or sites. The area is to be developed and managed as a unit containing all the required facilities, systems, railroad sidings, and truck and automobile parking facilities.  

A town center is usually a mixed use development with residential and commercial activities allowed in the same zones, even in the same building.

The industrial park concept, as well as town centers, may assume different formats and structures but regardless of the type, it will be regulated by a declaration executed by the owner-developer that, among other things:

  • Creates a property owners' association.
  • Imposes restrictions in regard to the types of structures, use of the building easements, setback lines, etc..
  • Establishes assessments for the payment of expenses in connection with management, security force, public utilities and maintenance of the area.
  • In the case of a town center, may have special zoning.

The provisions of the industrial park declaration are to be enforceable upon all occupants of the area, both tenants and site owners.