15.48 Postal Service Endorsement


In General

The United States Postal Service was created as an independent establishment of the Executive Branch of the Government of the United States effective July 1, 1971 (39 USC Sec. 210). Among the general powers of the Postal Service is the power "to acquire, in any lawful manner, such personal or real property, or any interest therein, as it deems necessary convenient in the transaction of its business; to hold, maintain, lease, or otherwise dispose of such property or any interest therein; and to provide services in connection therewith and charges therefor." (39 USC SEC 40195)).

The United States Postal Service usually requires that formal contract to provide title services to be entered into and it is authorized by law to take title to real estate in its own name as United States Postal Service.

The Postal Service has requested from the title insurance companies that whenever it orders title insurance to cover purchase of land, the ALTA U.S. Form-1963 be used, but expanded to include coverage similar to the ALTA Owner's Policy Form.

Since this form, as printed, shows the party insured as the United States of America, certain changes or modifications must be made to said policy through the use of the "United States Postal Service Endorsement."

This endorsement identifies the insured as the United States Postal Service and recognizes that the Postal Service might not be represented by the Attorney General in a particular case. The law provides that with the prior consent of the Attorney General the Postal Service may employ attorneys by contract or otherwise to conduct litigation in matters affecting the Postal Service.

(See Postal Service Endorsement No. 1)

(See Postal Service Endorsement No. 2)