NJ ALTA Commitment 1982 Guideline 3-02

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NJ ALTA Commitment 1982 Guideline 3-02

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This Commitment is issued to a proposed buyer or lender preliminary to the issuance of a policy of title insurance. The Commitment is an agreement by the insurer to issue its policy on the terms agreed to in the Commitment. However, the Commitment is not a title report or abstract of title.

Schedule A of the Commitment identifies the type of policy or policies to be issued; describes the land to be insured; and designates the vested owner of the land.

Schedule B of the Commitment has two Sections.

Section 1 sets forth certain requirements that must be satisfied by the proposed insured before a policy may be issued. Included is the requirement that documents be delivered creating the interest in the land and/or the mortgage to be insured.

Section 11 sets forth those defects, liens and encumbrances which the insurer has determined to affect title and which the insurer is unwilling to insure against. It is then the obligation of the proposed insured to obtain a satisfactory release or eliminate those matters which the proposed insured does not wish to appear as an exception to coverage in the policy.

The obligations of the insurer are defined and limited by Conditions and Stipulations which are part of the Commitment form.

A unique feature of this Commitment is the use of "plain language". The simplified language is designed to be more easily understood by those customers unfamiliar with the more complicated legal terms. The customer is also furnished an information sheet and a Table of Contents.

Any revision to this form requires approval of a Stewart Title Guaranty Company underwriter. The underwriting guidelines contained herein have been provided for general reference. The facts, circumstances, and location of the subject property should be considered when determining the issuance of the requested form or endorsement. Please note that all of the forms and endorsements included in this system may not be available in all states. Accordingly, please contact the appropriate Stewart Title Guaranty Company underwriting personnel in order to determine availability.

Compliance with the underwriting guidelines contained herein in no way obligates Stewart Title Guaranty Company to issue any form or endorsement.

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