CLTA Guarantee No. 10 - Judgment & Tax Lien (06-05-14)

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  • California
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CLTA Guarantee No. 10 - Judgment & Tax Lien (06-05-14)

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Judgment and Tax Lien Guarantee

Guarantee No.: ___________________________         Amount of Liability: $_________________________ 

Date of Guarantee:________________________             Fee: $ ______________________________________

1. Name of Assured:

2. Parties that are the subject of this Guarantee are as follows:


According to the Public Records of the County Recorder of _____________ County, California, for a period of ______________ years immediately prior to the date hereof, there are no

Federal Tax Liens

Judgments or Abstracts of Judgment, or

Certificates of State Tax Lien

against the named parties set forth in paragraph 2 above, other than those for which a release appears, except as shown in Schedule B.

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