ALTA Short Form Commitment (for an ALTA Short Form Residential Loan Policy Schedule A, BI, BII) (7-1-21)

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ALTA Short Form Commitment (for an ALTA Short Form Residential Loan Policy Schedule A, BI, BII) (7-1-21)

Form Document
V 11

ALTA Short Form Commitment (for an ALTA Short Form Residential Loan Policy Schedule A, BI, BII) (7-1-21) 

Issued By
Stewart Title Guaranty Company

Transaction Identification Data, for which the Company assumes no liability as set forth in Commitment Condition 5.e.:
Issuing Agent:
Issuing Office:
Issuing Office’s ALTA® Registry ID:
Loan ID Number:
Commitment Number:
Issuing Office File Number:
Property Address:
Revision Number:

1.     Commitment Date:

2.     Short Form Policy to be issued:

ALTA Policy___________________________                           Proposed Amount of Insurance     
Proposed Insured: ____________________                              _____________________

3.     The estate or interest in the Land at the Commitment date is fee simple.

4.     The Title is, at the Commitment Date, vested in:

5.     The Land is described as follows:

6.     The following State statutes will be set forth on any ALTA 8.1 (Environmental Protection Lien) endorsement to be incorporated into the Policy:


File Number:_____________________

All of the following Requirements must be met:

1.     The Proposed Insured must notify the Company in writing of the name of any party not referred to in this Commitment who will obtain an interest in the Land or who will make a loan on the Land. The Company may then make additional Requirements or Exceptions.

2.     Pay all taxes, charges, and assessments affecting the Land that are due and payable.

3.     Pay the agreed amount for the estate or interest to be insured.

4.     Pay the premiums, fees, and charges for the Policy to the Company.

5.     Documents satisfactory to the Company that convey the Title or create the Mortgage to be insured, or both, must be properly authorized, executed, delivered, and recorded in the Public Records.



File Number:  _______________

Some historical land records contain Discriminatory Covenants that are illegal and unenforceable by law. This Commitment and the Policy treat any Discriminatory Covenant in a document referenced in Schedule B as if each Discriminatory Covenant is redacted, repudiated, removed, and not republished or recirculated. Only the remaining provisions of the document will be excepted from coverage.

In addition to the Exceptions from Coverage contained in the form of Short Form Residential Loan Policy identified in Item 2 of Schedule A, the Policy will not insure against loss or damage resulting from the terms and conditions of any easement included in the description of the Land as set forth in the Insured Mortgage, and will include the following Exceptions unless cleared to the satisfaction of the Company:

1.   Any defect, lien, encumbrance, adverse claim, or other matter that appears for the first time in the Public Records or is created, attaches, or is disclosed between the Commitment Date and the date on which all of the Schedule B, Part I—Requirements are met.



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