ALTA Owner's Policy of Title Insurance Schedule A, B (7-1-21)

ALTA Owner's Policy of Title Insurance Schedule A, B (7-1-21)

Issued By
Stewart Title Guaranty Company

Transaction Identification Data, for which the Company assumes no liability as set forth in Condition 9.d.: 
Issuing Agent:
Issuing Office:
Issuing Office’s ALTA® Registry ID:
Issuing Office File Number:
Property Address:

Name and Address of Title Insurance Company

Stewart Title Guaranty Company
P.O. Box 2029
Houston, TX  77252-2029

Policy Noumber: O-9010-_____________________


Amount of Insurance: __________________

Premium: ______________________

Date of Policy:                                       at                                      


1.     The Insured is:



2.     The estate or interest in the Land insured by this policy is:


3.     The Title is vested in:


4.     The Land is described as follows:


File Number: ___________

Policy Number:  O-9010 -___________


Some historical land records contain Discriminatory Covenants that are illegal and unenforceable by law. This policy treats any Discriminatory Covenant in a document referenced in Schedule B as if each Discriminatory Covenant is redacted, repudiated, removed, and not republished or recirculated. Only the remaining provisions of the document are excepted from coverage.

This policy does not insure against loss or damage and the Company will not pay costs, attorneys’ fees, or expenses resulting from the terms and conditions of any lease or easement identified in Schedule A, and the following matters:


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