STG Affidavit Regarding Survey Matters (No Change)


TO:                  Stewart Title Guaranty Company (the “Company”)

FROM:            ______________________________ (the “Owner”)

RE:                  ______________________________ (the “Property”)

The undersigned Owner hereby certifies to the Company with respect to the Property that:

1.         The Owner is familiar with the Survey entitled:   _____________________________________________________________________ (the “Survey”).

2.         The Owner has owned/leased the Property continuously from the date of the Survey through the date hereof, and has conveyed no portion of the Property, nor to the best knowledge of Owner done any act nor allowed any act to be done which has changed or could change the boundaries of the Property.

3.         To the Owner’s best knowledge, the Owner has allowed no encroachments on the Property above described by any adjoining landowners nor to the beset of its knowledge has the Owner encroached upon any property of adjoining landowners.

4.         No work has been performed at the Property since the date of the Survey that would change any aspect of the location of any of the improvements on the Property as shown on the Survey.

5.         Without limiting the foregoing, the Owner has caused no exterior alterations to any buildings on the Property to be made that would change the location of such buildings and no fences or paved areas have been constructed or altered on the Property.

6.         The Property has been occupied and used for the permitted uses continuously since the date of completion of the buildings and improvements shown on the Survey and there has been no discontinuance or abandonment of such uses.

7.         There has been no material alteration, expansion or change to the footprint of the original buildings and improvements constructed on the Property and shown on the Survey, except as authorized by Special Permit(s) and/or Variance(s) or other permits properly issued by the City/Town of ________________________.

[signature page follows]

In witness whereof, the undersigned has executed this affidavit as of the ____ day of _____________________, 2020.

By: ______________________________


        Authorized Signatory


Subscribed and sworn to before me the undersigned authority this _____ day of __________, 2020.


Notary Public, State of ________________

My Commission Expires: ______________

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