WV Commencement Affidavit

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  • West Virginia
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WV Commencement Affidavit

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COUNTY  OF _____________

We, the undersigned, being first duly sworn, state and aver:

We are the owner and general contractor of certain real property in ___________ _________________ County, West Virginia, more particularly described as :


As of this date (the date of settlement of the construction loan), there has been no work done or materials furnished by anyone with regard to improvements on the property.

This affidavit is given to induce Stewart Title Guaranty Company to issue its policy or policies of title insurance without exception for mechanic’s liens, with full knowledge that Stewart will be relying on the accuracy of this affidavit.  The undersigned agrees  to indemnify and hold harmless Stewart Title Guaranty Company  ( STGC) for all costs, expenses, attorney’s fees incurred by  STGC with regard to any claims,  mechanic’s liens or other claims made  by any contractor or supplier performing work or furnishing materials on the subject property and if a lien is filed bond off such lien within ten (10) days of such filing or seek court action to remove said lien.





Subscribed and sworn before me this ____ day of ______________, 20__.


                                                                        Notary Public

My commission expires:

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