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VA Policy Authorization Outsale • MLA Posted Site

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Date: ______________________________               Borrowers: ___________________________________

To:  __________________________________                     Property: _____________________________________

Policy Amount:  $ _________________________ s/p                         _______________________________ County

                         $ _________________________ l/a

You are hereby authorized to issue our title insurance policies to both lenders and owners where requested by proposed insureds without the standard mechanic’s and materialmen’s liens exception providing that:  

1)      You obtain Stewart Title’s Seller’s/Owner’s Affidavit form from the owner.  

2)      You obtain Stewart Title’s Statutory Affidavit of Payment form executed by:



3)      You delete the standard mechanic’s lien exception from Schedule B-II in the owner’s policy to be issued.

4)      You obtain from the mechanic’s lien agent for the named project a Certification of Mechanic’s Lien Agent (2010 ML Book, page 39), with copy of building permit attached; you obtain a final lien waiver from any party giving notice to the MLA.

5)      Other:  ______________________________________________________________________________



This approval is contingent upon your firm promptly notifying Stewart Title Guaranty Company if any mechanic’s/materialmen’s liens are filed of record or if other indications of the subject builder’s distress become apparent.

Please contact the undersigned if you have any problems or questions regarding this procedure.


By: _____________________________________

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