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VA Outsale Requirements/Exceptions Non-MLA Posted Site

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“Provide full and complete subcontractor/supplier lien waivers from all subcontractors/ suppliers who have provided labor or materials to the subject property. Said waivers must be provided to the title insurance company prior to settlement. Reservation is hereby made to add additional exceptions and/or requirements upon receipt and review of said waivers.

Provide Title Company with satisfactorily executed Final Affidavit and Agreement and Statutory Affidavit of Payment.

Upon satisfaction of all the requirements contained in this schedule, including the payment of the extra-hazardous risk premium, General Exception “Any lien, or right to a lien, for services, labor or material heretofore or hereafter furnished” contained in SCHEDULE B---SECTION II, will not appear in the title policies issued in favor of the Proposed Insureds named in Schedule A hereof.”

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