NY Affidavit of No Demand

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NY Affidavit of No Demand

Form Document
V 1


Title No. __________

COUNTY OF __________     :

__________, being duly sworn, deposes and says:

1.    We are the owners of the premises known as __________ that is subject to a mortgage made by __________ to __________, dated __________ recorded on __________ in Liber __________, Page/Control #/CRFN __________ in the amount of $__________ (the “Mortgage”).  A copy of Stewart Title’s mortgage schedule is annexed hereto.

2.    The Mortgage in the sum of $__________ was paid off on or about __________.  There has been no demand for payment and no payment has been made of principal or interest since __________.  There is no action pending for the collection of a debt.

3.    We have attached the following proofs of the above in support of our statement: __________.

4.    We have been the owners of the premises since __________ and there have not been any transfers of title since that time.

5.    We make this affidavit to induce Stewart Title Insurance Company to omit said mortgage and will indemnify and hold harmless Stewart Title Insurance Company for any loss, cost or damage which may incur as a result of doing so.




Sworn to before me this _____ 

day of __________, 20___


Notary Public

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