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ALTA Commitment 2006

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Stewart Title Guaranty Company, a Texas corporation ("Company"), for a valuable consideration, commits to issue its policy or policies of title insurance, as identified in Schedule A, in favor of the Proposed Insured named in Schedule A, as owner or mortgagee of the estate or interest in the land described or referred to in Schedule A, upon payment of the premiums and charges and compliance with the Requirements; all subject to the provisions of Schedules A and B and to the Conditions of this Commitment.

This Commitment shall be effective only when the identity of the Proposed Insured and the amount of the policy or policies committed for have been inserted in Schedule A by the Company.

All liability and obligation under this Commitment shall cease and terminate __________ (here state the time period)* after the Effective Date or when the policy or policies committed for shall issue, whichever first occurs, provided that the failure to issue the policy or policies is not the fault of the Company.

The Company will provide a sample of the policy form upon request.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Stewart Title Guaranty Company has caused its corporate name and seal to be affixed by its duly authorized officers on the date shown in Schedule A.**



*The time to be stated is optional with the company and should conform to local usage.

**If the Commitment is to be executed by a validating officer, then prior to the "In Witness Whereof" there should be inserted: "This Commitment shall not be valid or binding until countersigned by a validating officer or authorized signatory." the manner of execution will conform to the company's practice and will of necessity require some modification in the language identifying the manner of execution. This is deemed a matter of format.


1.      The term mortgage, when used herein, shall include deed of trust, trust deed, or other security instrument.

2.      If the proposed Insured has or acquired actual knowledge of any defect, lien, encumbrance, adverse claim or other matter affecting the estate or interest or mortgage thereon covered by this Commitment other than those shown in Schedule B hereof, and shall fail to disclose such knowledge to the Company in writing, the Company shall be relieved from liability for any loss or damage resulting from any act of reliance hereon to the extent the Company is prejudiced by failure to so disclose such knowledge. If the proposed Insured shall disclose such knowledge to the Company, or if the Company otherwise acquires actual knowledge of any such defect, lien, encumbrance, adverse claim or other matter, the Company at its option may amend Schedule B of this Commitment accordingly, but such amendment shall not relieve the Company from liability previously incurred pursuant to paragraph 3 of these Conditions and Stipulations.

3.      Liability of the Company under this Commitment shall be only to the named proposed Insured and such parties included under the definition of Insured in the form of policy or policies committed for and only for actual loss incurred in reliance hereon in undertaking in good faith (a) to comply with the requirements hereof, or (b) to eliminate exceptions shown in Schedule B, or (c) to acquire or create the estate or interest or mortgage thereon covered by this Commitment. In no event shall such liability exceed the amount stated in Schedule A for the policy or policies committed for and such liability is subject to the insuring provisions and Conditions and Stipulations and the Exclusions from Coverage of the form of policy or policies committed for in favor of the proposed Insured which are hereby incorporated by reference and are made a part of this Commitment except as expressly modified herein.

4.      This Commitment is a contract to issue one or more title insurance policies and is not an abstract of title or a report of the condition of title.  Any action or actions or rights of action that the proposed Insured may have or may bring against the Company arising out of the status of the title to the estate or interest or the status of the mortgage thereon covered by this Commitment must be based on and are subject to the provisions of this Commitment.

5.      The policy to be issued contains an arbitration clause.  All arbitrable matters when the Amount of Insurance is $2,000,000 or less shall be arbitrated at the option of either the Company or the Insured as the exclusive remedy of the parties.  You may review a copy of the arbitration rules at<>.



1.      Effective Date:

2.      Policy or Policies to be issued: Amount

a.      _____ Owner's Policy (Identify form used): $_____________

Proposed Insured:

b.      _____ Loan Policy (Identify form used): $______________

Proposed Insured:

(Note: The Company, in printing, should set forth and identify the form or forms of policies of title insurance to be used.  If Commitment is printed showing more than one type of policy, the amount of the policy or policies should be completed and the box checked as to all forms proposed to be issued.  The manner of setting up and identifying the policy or policies to be issued is a matter of format.)

3.      The estate or interest in the land described or referred to in this Commitment is _____________________________

(Identify estate covered, i.e. Fee, Leasehold, etc.)

4.      Title to the ___________________________ estate or interest in the land is at the Effective Date vested in:

5.   The land referred to in this Commitment is described as follows:

*Items 3 and 4 may be combined or item 3 eliminated completely in instances where the estate to be covered has already been created and is the same as the estate reported on as of the Effective Date of the Commitment.  If, however, the estate to be covered is less than a fee and has not yet been created and the estate reported on at the Effective Date of the Commitment is the fee, then it would be more appropriate to set forth both items 3 and 4 in the language suggested or in appropriate language, these being matters of format rather than substance.


1.      Requirements:

(Note: Appropriate language should be inserted to set forth the requirements of the Company.  In many areas, a subcaption may be used such as: "Instruments in insurable form which must be executed, delivered, and duly filed for record:")

2.      Schedule B of the policy or policies to be issued will contain exceptions to the following matters unless the same are disposed of to the satisfaction of the Company:

Defects, liens, encumbrances, adverse claims or other matters, if any, created, first appearing in the public records or attaching subsequent to the Effective Date but prior to the date the proposed Insured acquires for value of record the estate or interest or mortgage thereon covered by this Commitment.

Note: There should be set forth in paragraph numbered II of Schedule B all matters that would be shown in Schedule B of an Owner's Policy issued on the effective date of the Commitment, including those general exceptions such as rights of parties in possession, survey matters, etc., which in many instances are printed as part of Schedule B of the Policy. It is proper to note that an exception shown may be omitted from the Policy as outside of the coverage of the Policy to be issued, or for some other reason.

* In areas where it is not the custom for title companies to state requirements for insurance, the Commitment would be printed without paragraph numbered I of Schedule B and only paragraph numbered II would be shown as a caption for Schedule B.

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