STG Commercial Environmental Protection Lien Endorsement 2

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STG Commercial Environmental Protection Lien Endorsement 2

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This form should not be used if a comparable ALTA version is available. If a comparable ALTA version is available, the most current version of the ALTA form available in each state should be used, unless approved by a Stewart underwriter.


Attached to and Made a Part of

Loan Policy of Title Insurance Serial Number __________

Issued by


The Company insures the insured against loss or damage sustained by reason of lack of priority of the lien of the insured mortgage over:

(a) any environmental protection lien which, at the Date of Policy, is recorded in those public records established under state statutes at the Date of Policy for the purpose of imparting constructive notice of matters relating to real property to purchasers for value and without knowledge, or filed in the records of the clerk of the United States district court for the district in which the land is located, except as set forth in Schedule B; or

(b) any environmental protection lien expressly provided for by any state statute in effect at the Date of Policy, except environmental protection liens expressly provided for by the following state statutes: (Select applicable state)



Ala. Code §9-16-129 (coal reclamation); §11-40-33 (building demolition); §11-40-54 (non-conforming building); §11-47-140 (stagnant waters); (Note: lien against "operator" for fees by §22-30B-9 is inferior lien by §40-1-2); §11-53A-25 (demolition of building); §11-67-8 (weed lien-class 2 city); §36-19-15 (fire marshall lien; subordinate to vendor's lien and taxes); §11-67-27 (weed lien-class 5 city).


Alaska Stat. §27.21.310 (coal reclamation); (Note §46.08.075 creates inferior lien for hazardous waste cleanup).


Ariz. Rev. Stat. Ann. §48-309, §48-318 (noxious weeds); §3-204 (crop pest lien); §3-205 (crop pest lien) (§49-295, environmental lien; does not apply to land used or under construction for single or multi-family housing; subordinate to prior liens); §48-2997 (noxious plants).


Ark. Stat. Ann. §15-58-404 (coal reclamation); §§14-54-903,904 (dilapidated building); §2-16-211 (pests, noxious weeds); §14-54-603 (stagnant water); (Note: hazardous waste liens of §8-7-417 and 8-7-516 are inferior).


Food & Agric. §§5631-5645 (plant nuisance); Food & Agric. §§5421-5436 (pest nuisance; Gov't §§39501, 39502, 25828, 38773.5, 39577, 50247 (nuisance abatement); Health & Safety §2866, 14912 , 14931 (nuisance abatement); Health and Safety Code §25365.6 creates inferior cleanup lien).


Colo. Rev. Stat. §35-5-108 (pest and noxious weeds); §16-13-313 (building nuisance); §16-13-316 provides that bona fide liens are not destroyed); §25-1-616 (nuisance abatement); 30-15-401 (weed cutting); §31-15-401 (weed cutting).


Conn. Gen. Stat. §47a-56a (housing nuisance); §47a-58 (housing nuisance); §22a-452a (hazardous waste superlien if not exclusively residential); §49-73b (fire damage).


Del. Code Ann. tit. 31§§4127, 4132, 4133 (unfit housing and other unsafe conditions); tit. 25§§2901, 2906 (priority lien for services); tit. 25§§4601, 4602, 4603, 4604 (unsafe building).

9.District of Columbia:

D.C. Code Ann. §5-513 (building hazard); §§5-604, 5-605, 5-606 (nuisance abatement); §5-707 (insanitary building); §6-1102 (noxious weeds); §47-1205 (nuisance removal).


Fla. Stat. §60.05 (nuisance abatement; priority not stated); [§376.308 (lien for cleanup subordinate to lien foreclosed to extent of former security interest)]; §403.709 (waste tire lien; no priority stated).


Ga. Code Ann. §2-7-17 (plant and pest nuisance; same manner as mechanics liens); §31-5-10 (nuisance abatement); §41-2-9 (unfit building - priority unclear);§12-13-12 (underground storage tanks; priority not addressed).


Haw. Rev. Stat. §53-60 (unfit building) (Hawaii); §46-1.5(12) (nuisance); §132-6, 7 (fire hazard); §§322-30,31,32,33 (filling and draining).


Idaho code §50-332 (cleaning waterways, drains, and courses); §50-333 (flood prevention and stagnant water); §50-334 (nuisance abatement); §50-335 (building nuisance); §42-2302 (noxious weeds); §25-604 (pest control); [(§39-4431 (subordinate hazardous waste disposal fee lien)].


Ill. Ann. Stat. 65 ILCS 5/11-31-1 (building nuisance); 65 ILCS 5/11-20-8 (rat extermination); 55 ILCS 55/5-1080 (unsafe buildings); 505 ILCS 100/10 (noxious weeds); 20 ILCS 1920/2.09 (mining reclamation); (Note: 415 ILCS 5/21.3 (inferior to bona fide mortgages); 55 ILCS 5/5-12003 (fill removal).


Ind. Code §§13-4.1-15-4, 12 coal reclamation); §§15-3-4-3, 4 (detrimental plants); §36-10-4-11 (lawn and tree maintenance); §36-9-6-21 (filling and draining); §36-7-10.1-4 (noxious weeds); §36-7-9-20 (unsafe premises-receiver lien); (§13-7-8.7-10.7 creates inferior hazardous substance cleanup lien).


Iowa Code Ann. §657A.3 (nuisance abatement); §657A.7 (receiver mortgage -nuisance abatement); §331.384 (fire hazard); §177A.17 (plant removal); §207.23 (coal reclamation); §455B.396 (hazardous waste cleanup from date costs are incurred) (except single and multifamily residential property); §364.12 (nuisance abatement); §§317.16, 317.21 (weed removal); §455G.13 (creates tank cleanup lien like 424.11) [§424.11 (environmental lien - subordinate to prior liens)].


Kan. Stat. Ann. §§2-1320, 1332 (weed removal); §17-4759 (unfit building); §13-436 (nuisance abatement); §12-1755 (unsafe building); §12-1617e (nuisance abatement); §12-1617f (weed abatement); §12-1,115 (assessment related provision); §49-428 (mine reclamation); §19-2505 (mine reclamation).


Ky. Rev. Stat. Ann. §381.770 (nuisance abatement); §§350.570, 350.575 (coal reclamation); §224.01-400 (lien for response costs to environmental emergency; no express provision relating to priority).


La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §13:2575 (environmental violations, applicable only to municipalities of 90,000 or more); §30:905.4 (coal reclamation); §30:2225 (hazardous waste cleanup: lien from date of declaration of site recording); §30:2281 (superlien for hazardous substance remedial action); §30;2351.25 (lead hazard lien; priority and recording not stated); §33:815 (rubbish and weed removal); §33:1236 (parish powers-weeds, noxious matter, debris, derelict buildings, draining); §33:1236.11 (public nuisance) (Calcasieu Parish); §33:4752 (dangerous structure) (Shreveport and New Orleans); §33:4753 (substandard building) (city of 400,000 or more); §33:4754 (dangerous building) (Alexandria and Shreveport); §33:4766 (weed and trash removal); §33:4768 (unsafe structure) (Baton Rouge and Lafayette); §33:5062 (weed removal) (city of less than 400,000); §33:5063 (weed removal).


Me. Rev. Stat. Ann. tit. 25§2393 (building removal); tit. 17§2853 (nuisance abatement); tit. 38§1319-U, 1370 (forfeiture-hazardous substance site); tit. 38§1371 (hazardous substance cleanup) (not apply to land used or under construction as single or multi-family housing); tit. 30-A§3291 (weed removal).


Md. Ann. Code art. 23A, §2 (sidewalk obstruction); Md. Nat. Res. Code Ann. §7-907 (reclamation lien); Md. Ann. Code art. 38A, §11 (fire hazard); Md. Environ. Code Ann. §7-266 (environmental cleanup lien: priority and inception not specified); Md. Nat. Resources Code Ann. §3-125 (environmental resources lien; apparently priority based on recording); Md. Ann. Code art. 25E. §9E (weed lien in Calvert County).


Mass. Gen. Laws Ann. ch. 139, §3A (dilapidated structures); ch. 21E, §13 (hazardous waste cleanup) (priority except as to land, the greater part of which is devoted to single or multi-family residence housing); ch. 111, §125 (nuisance removal); ch. 111, §127B (building nuisance); ch. 111, §127J (rehabilitation of property); ch. 148, §13 (inflammable conditions); ch. 143, §9 (dangerous structures); ch. 91, §49B (dilapidated wharves or piers, apparently subordinate).


Michigan Comp. Laws §103.4 (sidewalk nuisance abatement); §333.2455 (nuisance abatement); §29.16 (fire hazard); §425.1203 (coal mining reclamation); §425.1204 (coal mining reclamation); §325.330 (septage waste, seizure); §§41.721, 41.722, 41.729a (weed and rubbish removal): §247.64 (noxious weed removal); §286.85 (cherry tree treatment); §286.105 (Blister rust and plant control);286.220 (plant nuisance abatement); §299.543 (hazardous waste cleanup) (subordinate to prior bona fide liens only to extent of disbursements before 46th day after lien recorded or before actual knowledge, whichever is earlier, pursuant to §205.29); §299.616a (hazardous substance facility superlien (effective 7-1-91) (Note, underground storage tank cleanup lien of §299.842 inferior to lens and encumbrances recorded before this lien is recorded); §323.10 (waste disposal; statute provides that subordinate).


Minn. Stat. Ann. §145A.08 (nuisance abatement); §18.0228 (grasshopper control); §18.023 (tree disease control); §18.83 (weed abatement); §§400.16, 400.161 (waste and disposal facility cleanup); §429.101 (rubbish and weed removal); §412.221 (city cleanup); §§463.15-463.251 (hazardous buildings and excavations); §443.015 (garbage and refuse removal); §88.14 (fire hazard); (note: environmental lien of §514.672 is inferior to previously recorded mortgages); §514.67 (general "superlien" for government costs); §88.43 (firebreak clearing liens); §89.56 (pests); §115B.41 (environmental lien); §115B.42 (environmental lien).


Miss. Code Ann. §19-5-105 (health hazard); §21-19-11 (health menace); §43-35-105 (building nuisance).


Mo. Ann. Stat. §71.780 (nuisance abatement); §71.285 (weed abatement); §77.560 (nuisance abatement); §67.410 (building nuisance); §§444.925, 444.930 (coal mining reclamation), §441.590 (building nuisance); §263.080 (pest abatement); §263.140 (pest abatement); §263.200 (thistle abatement); §263.245 (brush eradication); §67.410 (nuisance); §264.065 (bees).


Mont. Code Ann. §7-5-2111 (community decay); §7-22-2148 (weed abatement); §7-22-4101 (nuisance weeds); §7-3-4453 (ice, weed and rubbish removal); §82-4-239 (coal mining reclamation); §50-62-107 (building demolition).


Neb. Rev. Stat. §18-1722 (nuisance abatement); §16-230 (lot cleanup); §17-123.01 (litter removal); §17-557.01 (sidewalk rubbish); §17-563 (stagnant water cleanup); §14-102 (city weed removal; fire hazards); §15-238 (privy and cesspool cleanup); §15-268 (weed removal); §15-268.02 (refuse removal); §2-955 (noxious weeds); §71-2918 (nuisance abatement); §81-519 (building demolition).


Nev. Rev. Stat. §555.120 (nuisance abatement); §562.510 (sheep); §555.180, 555.210, 555.215 (weed abatement); §555.550 (rodent control); §527.200 (pest control); §244.360 (nuisance abatement); §244.3605 (removal of dangerous building); §269.210 (nuisance abatement); §266.335 (nuisance abatement).

30.New Hampshire:

N.H. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§147-B:2 (if land not is use as or being constructed primarily for residential purposes), 147-B:10-b (if land not is use as or being constructed primarily for residential purposes) (hazardous waste lien); §§147:17-a, 147:17-b (sewage system repair); §§155-B:9, 155:B-10 (building removal); §155-B:13 (hazardous excavation).

31.New Jersey:

N.J. Rev. Stat. §40A:14-5 (fire hazard); §40A:27-12 (flood control); §24:14A-9 (nuisance removal); §40:68-14 (wharve cleanup); §§40:48-1; 40:48-1.1; 40:48-2.5 (dangerous structure removal); §§40:48-2.12f; §§40:48-2.14 (weed removal); §40:48-2.27 (brush removal); §26:1A-30 (nuisance abatement); §58:10-23.11f (hazardous waste cleanup-priority except 1-6 family dwellings exclusively residential; exception will comply with commissioner's language); "This Endorsement will not insure against liens arising pursuant to the Spill Compensation and Control Act, N.J.S.A. §58:10-23.11, et seq. subsequent to the issuance of this policy."

32.New Mexico:

N.M. Stat. Ann. §§77-15-4, 77-15-5 (rodent control); §§3-48-4, 3-48-5, 3-48-6, 3-48-7 (refuse removal); §§69-25B-7, 69-25B-8 (cola mining reclamation); §3-18-5 (dangerous buildings; priority unstated).

33.New York:

N.Y. Pub. Health Law §§1307 (nuisance abatement, not applicable to N.Y. City pursuant to §1309), 1321 (weed abatement), 1501, 1502 (mosquito control, not applicable to N.Y. City pursuant to §1503); N.Y. Town Law §§64 (fire and health hazards), 130 (excavation sites, unsafe buildings); N.Y. Envtl. Conserv. Law §9-1301 (pine blister and current rust); §15-0511 (illegal excavation or fill); N.Y. Gen. City Law §20 (building hazards); N.Y. Mult. Dwell. Law. §309 (building nuisance); N.Y. Mult. Resid. Law §305 (nuisance abatement); N.Y. Administrative Code, Title 17, Sections 17-101 to 17-174; Chapter Six, Section 24-6-01, et seq. (N.Y. City) (subordinate environmental lien under N.Y. CLS Nav. §181-a).

34.North Carolina:

N.C. Gen. Stat. §§130A-19, 130A-20 (nuisance abatement; lien in nature of mechanic's lien); §160A-175 (abatement of ordinance violations; lien in nature of mechanic's lien); §160A-193 (health nuisances); §160A-238 (flood and erosion control); §153A-140 (health nuisances); §§153A-185 to 153A-200 (flood and erosion control).

35.North Dakota:

N.D. Cent. Code §§40-29-18 to 40-29-21 (now and ice removal); §§38-14.2-09, 38-14.2-14 (mining reclamation); §63-01.1-05, §63-01.1-08 (weed control); §63-05-03 (weed control).


Ohio Rev. code Ann. §3737.45 (fire hazard); §3767.15 (oil cleanup); §3767.41 (building nuisance); §3734.122 (PCBs: no express priority); §3734.20 (waste cleanup: no express priority); §3734.22 (cleanup cost: no express priority); §3734.26 (facility cleanup: no express priority); (Chapter 3734 does not apply to single family residences per §3734.02(D)); §§715.26, 715.261 (building nuisance); §715.41 (drainage); §715.47 (lot drainage); §731.54 (noxious weeds); §§727.01 (draining and cleaning); §§5579.07 (weed cutting); §971.35 (weeds); §§1513.37 (coal mining reclamation because of water pollution). (Note, per FNMA, we may except to 3734.122, 3734.20, and 3734.22 if not single family per 734.02(D));§505.86 (unsafe buildings); §1503.07 (forest fire hazard); §3701.01 (nuisance).


Okla, Stat. Ann. tit. 50, §17 (nuisance abatement); tit. 63, §1-1011 (health nuisance); tit. 45, §§740.5, 740.6 (coal mining reclamation); tit. 11, §22-111 (weed and trash abatement); tit. 11, §§22-112, 22-112.1 (dilapidated buildings); tit. 74, §317 (fire hazard); tit. 17 §6 (preference lien against corporation); tit. 19, §360 (dilapidated buildings if city over 550,000); tit. 2, §3-143 (noxious weeds; no priority).


[Or. Rev. Stat. §466.205 (waste cleanup: attachment on date of filing); §465.335 (remedial action costs: attachment on date of filing)]; §466.835 (compliance costs: attachment on date of filing); §477.270 (forest protection);§477.068 (forest fire abatement: foreclosure as for labor and material; priority not stated); §§517.865, 517.935 (coal mining reclamation); §570.175 (nuisance abatement); §570.430 (pest control); §570.550 (weed eradication); §368.281 (flood hazard).


Pa. Stat. Ann. tit. 3, §§731-736 (drainage); tit. 16, §2150 (pest control); tit. 16, 2199.1 (nuisance abatement); tit. 32, §5116 (mining reclamation); tit. 53, §14196 (dock cleanup); tit. 53, §15047 (nuisance abatement); tit. 53, §37324 (nuisance abatement); tit. 53, §37403 (city garbage and waste; nuisance abatement); tit. 53, §53862 (plant disease); tit. 55, §10 (dock nuisance); tit. 71, §1404 (nuisance abatement); (Note: tit. 35, §6020.509 creates hazardous waste lien inferior to prior liens); (note: tit. 35 §§4009.1 and 4012 and 7110.308 create inferior pollution liens); tit. 53 §53857 (shade trees); (Note inferior pollution abolishment law: tit. 53 §4000.1709).

40.Rhode Island:

R.I. Gen. Laws §§34-44-4, 34-44-6 (public nuisance); §23-19.2-6 (refuse removal: priority not stated); §23-19.1-17.1 (hazardous waste property forfeiture); §23-27.3-124.2 (unsafe building: priority as per 125.7); §23-27.3-125.7 (emergency demolition: priority of common law lien on personalty).

41.South Carolina:

S.C. Code Ann. §48-1-350 (pollution penalties: priority and recording not stated); §31-15-330 (unfit building: priority and recording not stated); §31-15-30 (unfit building: priority and recording not stated); §5-7-80 (nuisance abatement); §46-9-60 (pest infestation).

42.South Dakota:

S.D. Codified Laws Ann. §21-10-6 (nuisance abatement); 31-31-6 (weed removal); 9-30-5 (snow and weed removal); §9-32-12 (unhealthy vegetation); §9-38-29 (weed removal); §34-16-20 (nuisance abatement); §§38-22-17, 38-22-21 (weed and pest control).


Tenn. Code Ann. §6-54-113 (vegetation and debris); (Note: §68-212-209 [hazardous waste lien; inferior to previously recorded mortgages]); §§68-102-123, 68-102-125 (building removal).


Tex. Health & Safety Code §361.194; (ch. 678) Tex. Health & Safety Code §§342.007, 343.023 (a), (c), and (d); (ch. 1 §48; 743; 678 §4) Tex. Local Gov't Code §214.0015(b), (d), (e); and Tex. Rev. Civ. Stat. Ann. art. 1175 §10(b), (d), (e) (parallel statutory provisions); (ch. 964) Tex. Rev. Civ. Stat. Ann. art. 4477-9a, §3.04 (amending ch. 365 of Tex. Health & Safety Code - not shown by agreement with FNMA); Tex. Rev. Civ. Stat. Ann. art. 5920-11 §9(a); art. 1302-5.07, 5.08 (corporate liens - not mentioned per agreement with F.N.M.A.).


Utah Code Ann. §§10-11-3, 10-11-4 (nuisance abatement); §4-17-8 (noxious weeds); §§40-10-27, 40-10-28 (coal mining reclamation).


None (Note: Vt. Stat. Ann. tit. 32, §10113 [generator tax]; tit. 32, §5895 [related lien provision which provides income taxes are inferior to prior mortgages except for advances after notice to mortgagees]); tit. 24, §3116 (building removal).


Va. Code Ann. §§45.1-263 to 45.1-269 (coal mining reclamation); §15.1-11 (refuse removal); §15.1-11.01 (grass removal); §15.1-11.03 (vehicle removal); §15.1-11.1 (vehicle removal); §15.1-11.2 (building removal); §15.1-11.3 (wharve hazard); §15.1-867 (nuisance abatement).


Wash. Re. Code §90.24.066 (weed removal); §90.24.050 (fish protection); §35.80.030 (unfit building); §35.21.310 (fire hazards); §35.23.440 (nuisance abatement); §35.22.320 (cesspool and debris removal); §§17.10.170, 17.10.280, 17.10.290, 17.10.300 (noxious weeds); §17.04.220 (weed control); §76.06.070 (insects and tree diseases); §§15.08.090, 15.08.130, 15.08.140, 15.08.150, 15.08.160, 15.08.170 (disinfection, nuisances); §70.121.140 (uranium and thorium superlien);§76.04.495 (fire hazard; priority not stated); §17.04.220 (weeds).

49.West Virginia:

W. Va. Code §§17-16-3, 17-16-4 (obstruction removal); §29-3-14 (fire hazard; priority not stated); §§22-2-7 (coal mining reclamation).


Wis. Stat. Ann. §66.049 (rubbish removal); §66.0495 (dilapidated wharf); §66.05 (unfit building); §66.98 (weed destruction); §60.55 (fire protection); §26.30 (forest insects; mechanic's lien).


Wyo. Stat. §35-9-115 (fire hazard); §§35-11-1204, 35-11-1206 (coal mining reclamation); §11-5-109 (weeds).

For purposes of this Endorsement, "environmental protection lien" means any lien to secure the payments, fines, costs, or amounts for remedial or removal action involving hazardous or toxic waste, material, or substances. "State statute" shall not include local ordinances or regulations or political subdivisions of the State. This Endorsement does not insure that there are no hazardous or toxic waste, material or substances on the property covered by the Policy and does not insure against the effect of any law, regulation or ordinance creating personal liability in connection with hazardous or toxic waste, material or substance.

This Endorsement is made a part of the Policy and is subject to all of the terms and provisions thereof and of any prior endorsements thereto. Except to the extent expressly stated, it neither modifies any of the terms and provisions of the Policy and any prior endorsements, nor does it extend the Effective Date of the Policy and any prior endorsements, nor does it increase the face amount thereof.

Signed under seal for the Company, but this Endorsement is to be valid only when it bears an authorized countersignature.

This endorsement is issued as part of the policy. Except as it expressly states, it does not (i) modify any of the terms and provisions of the policy, (ii) modify any prior endorsements, (iii) extend the Date of Policy or (iv) increase the Amount of Insurance. To the extent a provision of the policy or a previous endorsement is inconsistent with an express provision of this endorsement, this endorsement controls. Otherwise, this endorsement is subject to all of the terms and provisions of the policy and of any prior endorsements.

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