OH Final Judicial Report 1972

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  • Ohio
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OH Final Judicial Report 1972

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V 1

No. F ____________________

Order No. _________________

Previous Policy _____________


In Case of _______________________________________________________________

against _________________________________________________________________

now pending in the Court of Common Pleas of ____________________________ County, Ohio, STEWART TITLE GUARANTY COMPANY, after a search of the records of said county, the STEWART TITLE GUARANTY COMPANY __________________


records of the United States District Court ( ____________________________________

pertaining to the premises involved in said action, since ___________________________, to the date hereof, hereby guarantees that there appear of record, during said period, no instruments of proceedings relating to or affecting said premises, except as shown below.

This guaranty is made for the use and benefit of addressee. Liability hereunder and under any Preliminary Judicial Report issued on the property described in said proceedings shall not exceed, in the aggregate, the sum of Three Thousand ($3,000.00) Dollars.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, STEWART TITLE GUARANTY COMPANY has caused these presents to be signed, all in accordance with its By-Laws.

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