LA ALTA Short Form Residential Loan Policy 06-16-07 - Schedule A for LA (May 1, 2011)

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  • Louisiana
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LA ALTA Short Form Residential Loan Policy 06-16-07 - Schedule A for LA (May 1, 2011)

Form Document
V 1



Issued by



Name and Address of Issuing Agency:            Name and Address of Title Insurance Company:
                                                                            Stewart Title Guaranty Company
                                                                            P. O. Box 2029 Houston, TX 77252-2029


File No.: Policy No.:
Loan Number:
Property Address:

Parish and State:               Parish, Louisiana             Premium:
Amount of Insurance:                                               Mortgage Date:
Mortgage Amount:                                                   Date of Policy:
Name of Insured:
Name of Borrower(s):

The estate or interest in the Land identified in this Schedule A and which is encumbered by the Insured Mortgage is fee simple and is, at Date of Policy, vested in the borrower(s) shown in the Insured Mortgage and named above.
The land referred to in this Policy is described as set forth in the Insured Mortgage.
This policy consists of one page, including the reverse side, unless an addendum is attached and indicated:

Addendum Attached: Yes ______or No ______

Subject to the conditions stated in the endorsements listed below and payment of the appropriate premium, the following endorsements are incorporated in this policy if checked:

ALTA® 4-06   Condominium
ALTA® 4.1-06 Condominium
ALTA® 5-06 Planned Unit Development
ALTA® 5.1-06 Planned Unit Development
ALTA® 6-06 Variable Rate
ALTA® 6.2-06 Variable Rate—Negative Amortization
ALTA® 7-06 Manufactured Housing
ALTA® 7.1-06 Manufactured Housing—Conversion; Loan
ALTA® 8.1-06 Environmental Protection Lien—Paragraph b refers to the following statutes:
La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §13:2575 (applicable only to municipalities of 475,000 or more) and §30:2281
ALTA® 9.06 Restrictions, Encroachments, Minerals
ALTA® 9.3-06 Restrictions, Encroachments, Minerals—Loan
ALTA® 14-06 Future Advance---Priority
ALTA® 14.1-06 Future Advance—Knowledge
ALTA® 14.3-06 Future Advance—Reverse Mortgage
ALTA® 22-06 Location

The type of improvement is a 1-4 family residential structure and the street address is as shown above.

LATISSO 100 Collateral Mortgage
LATISSO 101 Multiple Indebtedness Mortgage


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