FL Power of Attorney Written Notice

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FL Power of Attorney Written Notice

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V 5

RE: Power of Attorney for Conveyance or Mortgage

In the following transaction: (Name of Seller and Buyer/Borrower and Lender)

Dear (name of attorney in fact):

We have been requested to issue title insurance insuring an estate and/or mortgage lien created or affected by an instrument which we have been informed is to be executed by an attorney in fact named in the above referenced power of attorney. We have declined to issue title insurance in the proposed transaction as we are not required to engage in any transaction with the principal and we in good faith believe the power of attorney is not valid as it does not meet the requirements of Florida law for use in real estate transactions or have otherwise declined to accept the power of attorney for the reason(s) noted below:

_____ Lack of witnesses

_____ Lack of a proper acknowledgement

_____ Principal has not delegated to the agent the specific authority the agent is attempting to exercise

_____ The agent has not provided a requested affidavit, english translation or opinion of counsel

_____ Other: __________________________________________________________________


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