ALTA Endorsement 21-06 (Creditors' Rights)

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ALTA Endorsement 21-06 (Creditors' Rights)

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The Company insures against loss or damage sustained by the Insured by reason of the avoidance, in whole or in part, or a court order providing some other remedy, based on the voidability of any estate or interest shown in Schedule A or the Insured Mortgage because of the occurrence on or before Date of Policy of a fraudulent transfer or a preference under federal bankruptcy, state insolvency, or similar creditors' rights laws.

The coverage provided by this endorsement shall include the payment of costs, attorneys’ fees, and expenses necessary to defend the Insured against those counts, and no others, of any litigation seeking a court order that will result in loss or damage against which this endorsement provides insurance to the extent provided in the Conditions.

This endorsement does not insure against loss or damage if the Insured (a) knew when it acquired any estate or interest shown in Schedule A, or the Insured Mortgage that the transfer, conveyance, or Insured Mortgage was intended to hinder, delay, or defraud any creditor, or (b) is found by a court not to be a transferee or purchaser in good faith.



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