HI All-Purpose Acknowledgment: HI

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HI All-Purpose Acknowledgment: HI

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STATE OF HAWAII                                )

                                                                    ) SS

CITY AND COUNTY OF ____________)

On this _______ day of _______________, 20____, before me personally appeared A.B. (and C.D.), to me personally known, who, being by me duly sworn or affirmed, did say that such person(s) executed the foregoing instrument as the free act and deed of such person(s), and if applicable in the capacity shown, having been duly authorized to execute such instrument in such capacity.


NOTARY PUBLIC, State of Hawaii

My commission expires ______________________

For Hawaii notaries, the typed or printed name of the notary must accompany the notary's official signature.  For recording purposes in Hawaii, any erasures, additions, "white-outs", or interlineations on the original instrument must be initialed by the Hawaii notary.  If the notary is from outside Hawaii, either the initials of the parties to the document or the initials of the notary public must be affixed alongside each change.   Hawaii notaries must also affix their notary certification near the acknowledgment or jurat.

No other guidelines are available for this form at this time.


No guidelines are available for this form at this time.