STG Example Policy (Parcels and Estates) 1 - Insuring One Fee Parcel and One Easement Estate

This form should not be used if a comparable ALTA version is available. If a comparable ALTA version is available, the most current version of the ALTA form available in each state should be used, unless approved by a Stewart underwriter.


Order No.

Policy No.:

Date of Policy:

Amount of Insurance: $

1. Name of Insured:

2. The estate or interest in the land which is covered by this policy is:

Fee simple as to Parcel I and an easement as to Parcel II.

3. Title to the estate or interest in the land is vested in:

4. The land referred to in this Policy is described as follows:


Lot 17, Block 22, BLUE SKY ACRES, a subdivision of land in ___________ (City, if within any), __________ County, State of __________ , according to the recorded plat of said subdivision.


A non-exclusive easement for ________ purposes, appurtenant to Parcel I, as established by the instrument recorded in Book _____ , Page _____ , over the following described area: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ .


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