STG Affidavit - Owners 1993

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STG Affidavit - Owners 1993

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THE STATE OF _____________________ §
COUNTY OF ________________________ §

BEFORE ME, the undersigned authority, on this day personally appeared __________ and, __________________________________ , Affiants, being by me first duly sworn upon their oath did depose and say:

1. That Affiants are the owners of the following described property ("Property") in ____________________ County, State of ______________________________ .

2. That Affiants have this day executed and delivered a certain Deed of Trust or Mortgage dated ____________ , 20 ___ , covering the Property.

3. Since the date Affiant has owned the Property:

a. No improvements (e.g., additions to the house, swimming pools, hot tubs, decks, fences added by either the affiants or adjoining landowner) have been made to the Property;

b. No alterations of the boundaries or fences of the Property have occurred; and

c. No other changes to the Property have occurred which would be reflected by a current, accurate Survey.

4. Affiants herein realize that it is in reliance upon the statements herein made as well as upon the acknowledgments to said instrument that Title Company as issuing agent for Stewart Title Guaranty Company ("Underwriter") has agreed to insure the lien created by said Deed of Trust or Mortgage and provide survey coverage.




THE STATE OF ____________________ §
COUNTY OF _______________________ §

SWORN TO AND SUBSCRIBED BEFORE ME by _______________________ and _________________________________________ on this ________________ day of ________________ , 20 ______ , to which witness my hand and seal of office.

Notary Public, State of ___________

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