STG FNMA Balloon Mortgage Rider 1990

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STG FNMA Balloon Mortgage Rider 1990

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  THIS BALLOON RIDER is made this ____________________ day of _____________ , 20 _____ , and is incorporated into and shall be deemed to amend and supplement the Mortgage, Deed of Trust or Deed to Secure Debt (the "Security Instrument") of the same date given by the undersigned (the "Borrower") to secure the Borrower’s Note to __________________________________________________ (the "Lender") of the same date and covering the property described in the Security Instrument and located at : ____________________________________________________________________

(Property Address)

  The interest rate stated on the Note is called the "Note Rate". The date of the Note is called the "Note Date". I understand the Lender may transfer the Note, Security Instrument and this Rider. The Lender or anyone who takes the Note, the Security Instrument and this Rider by transfer and who is entitled to receive payments under the Note is called the "Note Holder".


  ADDITIONAL COVENANTS. In addition to the covenants and agreements in the Security Instrument, Borrower and Lender further covenant and agree as follows (despite anything to the contrary contained in the Security Instrument or the Note):


   At the maturity date of the Note and Security Instrument (the "Maturity Date"), I will be able to obtain a new loan ("New Loan") with a new Maturity Date of ______________ , 20 ____ and with an interest rate equal to the "New Note Rate" determined in accordance with Section 3 below if all the conditions provided in Sections 2 and 5 below are met (the "Conditional Refinancing Option"). If those conditions are not met, I understand that the Note Holder is under no obligation to refinance or modify the Note, or to extend the Maturity Date, and that I will have to repay the Note from my own resources or find a lender willing to lend me the money to repay the Note.


  If I want to exercise the Conditional Refinancing Option at maturity, certain conditions must be met as of the Maturity Date. These conditions are: (1) I must still be the owner and occupant of the property subject to the Security Instrument (the "Property"); (2) I must be current in my monthly payments and cannot have been more than 30 days late on any of the 12 scheduled monthly payments immediately preceding the Maturity Date; (3) no lien against the Property (except for taxes and special assessments not yet due and payable) other than that of the Security Instrument may exist; (4) the New Note Rate cannot be more than 5 percentage points above the Note Rate; and (5) I must make a written request to the Note Holder as provided in Section 5 below.


  The New Note Rate will be a fixed rate of interest equal to the Federal National Mortgage Association's required net yield for 30-year fixed rate mortgages subject to a 60-day mandatory delivery commitment, plus one-half of one percentage point (0.5%), rounded to the nearest one-eighth of one percentage point (0.125%) (the "New Note Rate"). The required net yield shall be the applicable net yield in effect on the date and time of day that the Note Holder receives notice of my election to exercise the Conditional Refinancing Option. If this required net yield is not available, the Note Holder will determine the New Note Rate by using comparable information.


  Provided the New Note Rate as calculated in Section 3 above is not greater than 5 percentage points above the Note Rate and all other conditions required in Section 2 above are satisfied, the Note Holder will determine the amount of the monthly payment that will be sufficient to repay in full (a) the unpaid principal, plus (b) accrued but unpaid interest, plus (c) all other sums I will owe under the Note and Security Instrument on the Maturity Date (assuming my monthly payments then are current, as required under Section 2 above), over the term of the New Note at the New Note Rate in equal monthly payments. The result of this calculation will be the amount of my new principal and interest payment every month until the New Note is fully paid.


  The Note Holder will notify me at least 60 calendar days in advance of the Maturity Date and advise me of the principal, accrued but unpaid interest, and all other sums I am expected to owe on the Maturity Date. The Note Holder also will advise me that I may exercise the Conditional Refinancing Option if the conditions in Section 2 above are met. The Note Holder will provide my payment record information, together with the name, title and address of the person representing the Note Holder that I must notify in order to exercise the Conditional Refinancing Option. If I meet the conditions of Section 2 above, I may exercise the Conditional Refinancing Option by notifying the Note Holder no later than 45 calendar days prior to the Maturity Date. The Note Holder will calculate the fixed New Note Rate based upon the Federal National Mortgage Association’s applicable published required net yield in effect on the date and time of day notification is received by the Note Holder and as calculated in Section 3 above. I will then have 30 calendar days to provide the Note Holder with acceptable proof of my required ownership, occupancy and property lien status. Before the Maturity Date the Note Holder will advise me of the new interest rate (the New Note Rate), new monthly payment amount and a date, time and place at which I must appear to sign any documents required to complete the refinancing. I understand the Note Holder will charge me a $250 processing fee and the costs associated with updating the title insurance policy, if any.


   BY SIGNING BELOW, Borrower accepts and agrees to the terms and covenants contained in this Balloon Rider.

_____________________________ (Seal)

_____________________________ (Seal)

_____________________________ (Seal)

(Sign Original Only)

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