STG Request to Cancel Revolving Credit Loan 1994

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STG Request to Cancel Revolving Credit Loan 1994

Form Document
V 5

DATE: ____________________

__________________________ (Lender's Name)
__________________________ (Lender's Address)
__________________________ (City, State, Zip Code)

RE: Account No.: _____________________________
Loan No.: ________________________________
Mortgage No.: ____________________________
Borrower(s): ______________________________
Recorded in Volume/Book ___________________
Page ____________________________________


Dear ______________________________ :

   The undersigned request that you furnish in writing to ______________________ , the title company or ____________________ , closing attorney, at FAX ___________ telephone # ____________ , the necessary information in regard to the payoff and per diem amounts through (Date) by completing a Pay-Off Quotation and faxing it to the above number within 72 hours of receipt of this letter.


   Please freeze the loan amount to include only obligations incurred or draws I have made prior to and including the date of this letter under the terms and conditions of the above-numbered loan secured by the above-numbered mortgage or the surety instrument, recorded in _________________________ , of the Public Records of _______________ County, _________________ , and cancel the revolving credit loan for future advances.


   I agree to cease signing all checks and/or credit cards and/or drafts. I enclose all of the above which I have in my possession.


   This is also a notice that I intend to sell or execute a new mortgage on the property. Under the laws of some States, future advances may be subordinate to the rights of a new lender or buyer.


   Your cooperation in this matter is essential to completing the real estate transaction contemplated with reference to the mortgaged property.




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