NE Certificate of Satisfaction

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NE Certificate of Satisfaction

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The undersigned closing agent with a designation of authority recorded in Book ____, Page(s) _____, or as Instrument No. _____________ of the records relating to real estate of ____________ County, Nebraska, from a title insurer authorized to transact the business of insuring titles to interests in real property in the State of Nebraska, or a member in good standing of the Nebraska State Bar Association, hereby represents: (a)      The indebtedness secured by that certain security instrument, identified as a mortgage, trust deed, or deed of trust, executed by _______________as mortgagor/trustor, to _______________, as trustee, and ______________, as beneficiary or _________________, as mortgagee, recorded on _______________in book ______, page(s) _____, or as Inst No. ____________, of the mortgage records of ________________ County, Nebraska and creating a security interest in the following described real estate:  _________________________________ has received full payment or performance pursuant to a payoff statement provided to the undersigned on  _______________________ by __________________, the holder of the underlying indebtedness, and being the secured creditor; (b)     The undersigned has satisfactory evidence that the secured creditor has received full payment or performance of the sums identified in such payoff statement; (c)      The undersigned has reasonable grounds to believe that the real property described in the security instrument is residential real property; (d)     The undersigned has not received notification that the secured obligation remains unsatisfied; and (e)      To the best knowledge of the undersigned, the secured creditor has not recorded any instrument satisfying or releasing the security interest within sixty days following (i) the secured creditor’s receipt of full payment or performance and (ii) notification as required by law. 

DATED: ____________________ 

Closing agent

BY:  ___________________________  


 ) SS.COUNTY OF                  ) 

The foregoing Certificate of Satisfaction was acknowledged before me this ____ day of ________________, 20___, by __________________, known to me to be the ________________ of _______________________, Closing Agent.



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