TN Full Release of Lien

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TN Full Release of Lien

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Full Release of Lien


The undersigned,_______________________________________, hereby declares that it was the true and lawful holder and owner at the time of payment of the entire indebtedness fully described in a Deed of Trust from ______________ to ___________________________, Trustee dated ___________________ and filed for recorded in ________________________ of the Register's Office of ____________ County, Tennessee, together with the promissory note secured thereby, to which reference is here made, and hereby discharges said lien in full.

            Whenever used, the singular number shall include the plural, the plural the singular, and the use of any gender shall be applicable to all genders.

                 IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned has caused this instrument to be executed

on this the_____ day of __________, 20_____.




Title:  _________________________________


STATE OFTENNESSEE                   )


COUNTY OF ________________    )


Personally appeared before me, the undersigned Notary Public in and for said county and state, the within named, _______________________, with whom I am personally acquainted, and who, upon oath, acknowledged himself/herself to be the ___________________________ of ______________________________, the within named bargainor, and that he/she as such _______________________ executed the foregoing instrument for the purposes therein contained, by signing for the bank by himself/herself as ________________________________.


WITNESS MY HAND AND OFFICIAL SEAL, this the  _______day of _________, 20____.




My Commission Expires:


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No guidelines are available for this form at this time.