WA Promissory Note (Straight) 1

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WA Promissory Note (Straight) 1

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V 1

LPB No. 28

Promissory Note


$ ______________________________ ___________________________________


___________________________________________ after date, without grace, for value received, ______________________________________________________________ _________________________________________ promise ______________ to pay to ______________________________________________________________________ or order, at _____________________________________________________________ the sum of __________________________________________________ DOLLARS, with the interest thereon at the rate of _________________ per cent per annum from date hereof, payable _________________________________________________________ principal and interest payable at the office of __________________________________ __________________________________ at _____________________________ If any interest shall remain unpaid after due, this note shall become due and payable at once without further notice, at the option of the holder thereof.

This note shall bear interest at the rate of ___________ per cent per annum after maturity or after failure to pay any interest payment, and if this note shall be placed in the hands of an attorney for collection or if suit shall be brought to collect any of the principal or interest of this note I promise to pay a reasonable attorney's fee. Each maker of this note executes the same as a principal and not as a surety.

_______________________________ ____________________________

_______________________________ ____________________________

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