WA Deed of Trust Short Form 1

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WA Deed of Trust Short Form 1

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Name: ___________________________

Address: _________________________

City, State, Zip ____________________

Stewart Title Guaranty Company LPB No. 20

Deed of Trust

Short Form

(For Use in the State of Washington Only)

THIS DEED OF TRUST, made this ________ day of _____________________________, ___________, between___________________________________, GRANTOR, whose address is ________________________________________________________________________

STEWART TITLE GUARANTY COMPANY, a corporation, TRUSTEE, whose address is 700 5th Avenue , Suite 5500, Seattle, Washington 98104 and _______________________

______________________________________________________, BENEFICIARY,

whose address is ___________________________________________________________,

WITNESSETH: Grantor hereby bargains, sells and conveys to Trustee in Trust, with power of sale, the following described real property in ________________________________ County, Washington:

Tax Account Number: _____________________________________________________

TOGETHER WITH all the tenements, hereditaments and appurtenances, now or hereafter thereunto belonging or in anywise appertaining, and the rents, issues and profits thereof and all other property or rights of any kind or nature whatsoever further set forth in the Master Form Deed of Trust hereinafter referred to, SUBJECT, HOWEVER, to the right, power and authority hereinafter given to and conferred upon Beneficiary to collect and apply such rents, issues and profits.

THIS DEED IS FOR THE PURPOSE OF SECURING PERFORMANCE of each agreement of Grantor incorporated by reference or contained herein and payment of the sum of _____________________________


Dollars ($ _________________________________) with interest thereon according to the terms of a promissory note of even date herewith, payable to Beneficiary or order and made by Grantor, all renewals, modifications or extensions thereof, and also such further sums as may be advanced or loaned by Beneficiary to Grantor, or any of their successors or assigns, together with interest thereon at such rate as shall be agreed upon.

By executing and delivering this Deed of Trust and the Note secured hereby, the parties agree that all provisions of Paragraphs 1 through 35 inclusive of the Master Form Deed of Trust hereinafter referred to, except such paragraphs as are specifically excluded or modified herein, are hereby incorporated herein by reference and made an integral part hereof for all purposes the same as if set forth herein at length, and the Grantor hereby makes said covenants and agrees to fully perform all of said provisions. The Master Form Deed of Trust above referred to was recorded on the twenty-fifth (25th) day of July, 1968, is the Official Records of the offices of the County Auditors of the following counties in Washington in the book and at the page designated after the name of each county, to-wit:

The undersigned Grantor requests that a copy of any Notice of Default and of any Notice of Sale hereunder be mailed to him at the address hereinbefore set forth.

Adams 2 of Record. Instr. 513-16 122987
Asotin 101896    
Benton 241 of Official Rec. 695 A-C 592931
Chelan 688 of Official Rec. 1682-1685 681844
Clallam 315 of Official Rec. 195-198 383176
Clark Aud. Microfilm No. 702859-702862 G519253
Columbia 49 of Deeds 198-201 F-3115
Cowlitz 747 of Official Rec. 234-237 675475
Douglas 125 of Mortgages 120-123 1518936
Ferry 28 of Deeds 413-416 153150
Franklin 11 of Official Rec. 138-141 309636
Garfield     13044
Grant 44 of Rec. Doc. 273-376 538241
Grays Harbor 21 of General 31-34 207544
Island 181 of Official Rec. 710-713 211628
Jefferson 4 of Official Rec. 316-319 196853
King 5690 of Mtgs 436-439 6382309
Kitsap 929 of Official Rec. 480-483 934770
Kittitas 111 of Mtgs. 361-364 348693
Klickitat 101 of Mtgs 107-110 131095
Lewis 7 of Official Rec. 839-842 725562
Lincoln 107 of Mortgages 776-779 316596
MasonReel 48Frame 835-838 236038
Okanogan 121 of Mortgages 517-519 A560658
Pacific 213 of Official Rec. 649-652 55707
Pend Oreille 27 of Mtgs. 8-11 126854
Pierce 1254 of Mtgs. 707-710 2250799
San Juan 28 or Mtgs. 459-462 69282
Skagit 19 of Official Rec. 80-83 716277
Skamania 47 of Mtgs. 41-44 70197
Snohomish 233 of Official Rec. 540-543 2043549
Spokane 14 of Official Rec. 1048-1051 376267C
Stevens 109 of Mtgs. 394-397 390635
Thurston 454 of Official Rec. 731-734 785350
Wahkiakum 17 of Mortgages 89-92 24732
Walla Walla 308 of Mtgs. 711-714 495721
Whatcom 82 of Official Rec. 855-858 1047522
Whitman 1 of Misc. 291-294 382282
Yakima 712 of Official Rec. 147-150 2170555

A copy of such Master Form Deed of Trust is hereby furnished to the person executing this Deed of Trust and by executing this Deed of Trust the Grantor acknowledges receipt of such Master Form Deed of Trust.

The property which is the subject of this Deed of Trust is not used principally or primarily for agricultural or farming purposes.







COUNTY OF __________________ )

On this _________ day of ___________________, ______ before me, the undersigned, a notary public in and for the State of Washington, duly commissioned and sworn, personally appeared __________________________________________ known to me to be the individual(s) described in and who executed the within instrument and acknowledged that _____ signed and sealed the same as _______ free and voluntary act and deed, for the uses and purposes herein mentioned.


Printed Name: ______________________________

Notary Public in and for the State of Washington

Residing at ______________________________

My appointment expires ______________________



COUNTY OF _________________ )

I certify that I know or have satisfactory evidence that _______________________________________________ is the person who appeared before me, and said person acknowledged that ________ signed this instrument, on oath stated that ____________ was authorized to execute the instrument and acknowledged it as __________________ of _____________________________________________ to be the free and voluntary act of such party for the uses and purposes mentioned in the instrument.

Dated: ___________________


Printed Name: ___________________________________

Notary Public in and for the State of Washington

Residing at ___________________________________

My appointment expires ___________________________


Do not record. To be used only when note has been paid.


The undersigned is the legal owner and holder of the note and all other indebtedness secured by the within Deed of Trust. Said note, together with all other indebtedness secured by said Deed of Trust, has been fully paid and satisfied, and you are hereby requested and directed, on payment to you of any sums owing to you under the terms of said Deed of Trust, to cancel said note above mentioned, and all other evidences of indebtedness secured by said Deed of Trust delivered to you herewith, together with the said Deed of Trust, and to reconvey, without warranty, to the parties designated by the terms of said Deed of Trust, all the estate now held by you thereunder.

Dated ________________________________________________________


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