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STG Affidavit - Federal Criminal Forfeiture

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State of _____________

County of ___________

Before me the undersigned authority, on this day personally appeared ___________ ("Representative") who, after being duly sworn, on the Representative's oath stated the following to be true to the best of the knowledge of said Representative, based on the information available to that person:

1.This Affidavit is executed in connection with the seizure and forfeiture of the property described in Exhibit 1 (the "Property").

2.Subsequent to a criminal indictment requesting forfeiture or ancillary motion, a Preliminary Order of Forfeiture authorized the forfeiture of the interests in the Property owned by the persons stated in the Preliminary Order. A copy of the Preliminary Order of Forfeiture is attached as Exhibit 2.

3.Subsequent to the Preliminary Order, the following additional persons were served in connection with the Forfeiture in the stated manner:

a. ________ was served by personal service. Evidence of Service is attached as Exhibit 3.

b. ________ was served by certified mail, return receipt. Evidence of Receipt of Service is attached as Exhibit 3.

4.The United States published notice of the Forfeiture in the federal district in which the Property is located for three consecutive weeks. Evidence of publication is attached as Exhibit 4.

5.A Final Order of Forfeiture, which ordered forfeiture of the Property to the United States, was entered by the United States District Court more than 90 days prior to the date of this Affidavit. A copy of the Final Order is attached as Exhibit 5.

6.The Preliminary Order, the conviction of defendants named in the Preliminary Order, and the Final Order are now final and nonappealable.

7.There are no persons in possession of the Property except _________.

Date: _______________

____________________ ("Representative")

Sworn to and subscribed before me the undersigned authority on this the ___ day of __ 20__ by ________________.

(complete notary information and signature)

(here add acknowledgment which complies with recording requirements in state of Property)

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