STG Affidavit - Owners (No Survey)

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STG Affidavit - Owners (No Survey)

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THE STATE OF _________________§

COUNTY OF ___________________ §

BEFORE ME, this undersigned authority, on this day personally appeared

______________________________ and ____________________, Affiants, being by me first duly sworn upon their oath did depose and say:

That Affiants are the Grantees in the Deed dated __________, and ___________, recorded in Volume ________, Page _________, Records of ___________________ County, State of _______________.

That Affiants are the current owners of the following described property ("Property"):

That since the date Affiants acquired the Property, there have been no:

Construction projects such as new structures, additional rooms, garages, swimming pools or deckings;

Changes in the location of boundary fences or boundary walls;

Construction projects on immediately adjoining property(ies) which construction occurred near the boundary of the Property; and

Conveyance or replattings or easement grants or easement dedications by the Affiants.

That Affiants acknowledge and agree that, ________________________________, the Title Company, as issuing agent for Stewart Title Guaranty Company ("Underwriter") and Underwriter are relying upon this affidavit to amend the coverages of the Owner's Policy.



THE STATE OF _______________§

COUNTY OF __________________§

SWORN TO AND SUBSCRIBED BEFORE ME by _______________________ and ______________________________, on this ____ day of ______________, 20____, to which witness my hand and seal of office.


Notary Public, State of __________


Printed Name of Notary

My Commission Expires:_____________

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