CT Residential Mortgage Endorsement 1

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CT Residential Mortgage Endorsement 1

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The Company insures the owner of the indebtedness secured by the insured mortgage against actual loss or damage sustained by reason of any inaccuracies in the following assurances:

1. That the location of any easement and/or right of way referred to in Schedule B is ascertainable and fixed; and/or

That the exercise of any rights pursuant to any easement and/or right of way referred to in Schedule B will not interfere with the use of the buildings and improvements presently located on the insured premises for residential purposes, and that none of the improvements located on the insured premises encroach upon any easement or right of way.

2. That there are no violations of any covenant, condition, restriction referred to in Schedule B, and that a future violation will not cause a forfeiture or reversion of title or otherwise affect the lien of the insured mortgage.

3. That there are no discrepancies, conflicts in the boundary lines, shortage in area, violations, variations, encroachments, adverse circumstances or other facts which an accurate survey would disclose relating to the land.

To the extent that they are checked, the following standard ALTA Endorsements are incorporated by reference as if they were attached to the policy:

( ) -ALTA-4.1 - Condominium Endorsement

( ) -ALTA-5.1 - PUD Endorsement

( ) -ALTA-6 - Variable Rate Mortgage Endorsement

( ) -ALTA-6.2 - Negative Amortization Endorsement

( ) -ALTA-8.1 - Environmental Lien Endorsement - Referring to "the following state statute" in sub-paragraph (b): "NONE"

This Endorsement is made a part of said policy and is subject to the schedules, conditions and stipulations therein, except as modified by the provisions hereof.

Nothing herein contained shall be construed as extending or changing the effective date of said policy, unless otherwise expressly stated.

Signed under seal for the Company, but this Endorsement is to be valid only when it bears an authorized countersignature.

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