ID Property Search Guarantee 13

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  • Idaho
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ID Property Search Guarantee 13

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Property Search Guarantee

Order No.: ________________

Guarantee No.: ____________

Date of Guarantee: _________

Liability: __________________



1)Description of the land:

2)The names of the persons appearing on the last Assessment
Roll for the County in which the land is situated, and the names shown
as grantees in the last deed purporting to transfer title found in the public
records from the search date shown hereafter, with respect to the
following names:

3)Search date - public records search subsequent to
_____________ at ________ .m..

4)The land was assessed or acquired in the above names and has
not thereafter been transferred as shown by the public records following
the search date and prior to the Date of Guarantee except as shown below
under exceptions.

5)That there are only the listed unreleased or unreconveyed
mortgages or deeds of trust shown in the public records, without
examination of any such documents, and shown below under exceptions.


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