NV Deed-Reconveyance 1

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NV Deed-Reconveyance 1

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Nevada-Deed of Reconveyance

(California Bankers Association Form. This form should only be used in cases where the indebtedness secured by the deed of trust has been paid in full)

Whereas, the indebtedness secured by that certain Deed of Trust executed by

_______________________________ to _________________________ as Trustee ___,

dated _____________________________, and recorded in the office of the Recorder of the _________________ County of _______________________, State of Nevada, in book ___________________ of ______________________, at page

________________________, has been paid;

Now, therefore, ___________, the said Trustee ___, do __, hereby grant and reconvey to the person or persons legally entitled thereto, without warranty, all the estate and interest derived to said Trustee ____, under said Deed of Trust, in the lands and property therein described, reference to said Deed of Trust and the record thereof being hereby made for a description of said property.

In Witness Whereof, said Trustee ____ ha ___ executed these presents this ___________

day of ___________, 19 _______.


Trustee ______


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