ND Deed-Warranty (Corporation) 1

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  • North Dakota
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ND Deed-Warranty (Corporation) 1

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THIS INDENTURE, Made this _____ day of ____________, 20_____, between _____________________, a corporation under the laws of the State of __________________, grantor, and _______________, husband and wife, grantees, whose post office address is ____________________, __________________, North Dakota _________.

WITNESSETH, for and in consideration of the sum of _____________________ Dollars ($ ______________________ ), grantor does hereby GRANT to the grantees, as joint tenants and not as tenants in common, all of the following real property lying and being in the County of _________________, State of North Dakota, and described as follows, to-wit:

I certify that the full consideration for the property conveyed by this deed is $_______________.


Grantee or Agent

And the grantor for itself, its successors and assigns, does covenant with the grantees that it is well seized in fee of the land and premises aforesaid and has good right to sell and convey the same in manner and form aforesaid; that the same are free from all encumbrance; except installments of special assessments or assessments for special improvements which have not been certified to the County Auditor for collection, and the above granted lands and premises in the quiet and peaceable possession of said grantees, against all persons lawfully claiming or to claim the whole or any part thereof, the said grantor will warrant and defend.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, The said grantor has caused these presents to be executed in its corporate name by its ___________________ and ___________________.


By _______________________________________

Its _______________________________________

By _______________________________________

Its _______________________________________



COUNTY OF _______________________)

On this ____ day of _________________, 20_____, before me, personally appeared ________________________________ and ______________________ known to me to be the ___________________________ and ______________________ of the corporation that is described in, and that executed the foregoing instrument, and acknowledged that such corporation executed the same.


Notary Public

_______________________________________ County

State of _____________________________________


My commission expires:

___________________________, 20_____

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