NC Satisfaction of Deed of Trust/Mortgage (Notice of) 1

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  • North Carolina
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NC Satisfaction of Deed of Trust/Mortgage (Notice of) 1

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The form of a notice of satisfaction of a deed of trust, mortgage, or other instrument pursuant to G.S. 45-37(a)(5) shall be substantially as follows:

North Carolina, _______________________ County.

I, ________________________ (name of trustee or mortgagee), certify that the debt or other obligation in the amount of _____________ secured by the (deed of trust) (mortgage) (other instrument) executed by _____________________ (grantor) (mortgagor), ______________________ (trustee) (leave blank if mortgage), and _________________________ (beneficiary) (mortgagee), and recorded in __________________________ County at ________________ (book and page) was satisfied on _________________________ (date of satisfaction).


(Signature of trustee or mortgagee)

I, ______________________ (name of officer taking acknowledgment), _________________________ (official title of person taking acknowledgment) certify that __________________________ (name of trustee or mortgagee) personally came before me this day and acknowledged the satisfaction of the provisions of the above-referenced (deed of trust) (mortgage) (other instrument).

Witness my hand and official seal this the _____________ day of _____________ (month), _________ (year).


(Signature of officer taking acknowledgment)

My commission expires ___________________ (Date of expiration of official's commission).

North Carolina, ___________________ County.

The foregoing acknowledgment of _____________________ (name of officer that took acknowledgment), ______________________ (official title of person that took acknowledgment), is certified to be correct.

This ________ day of _____________ (month), ___________ (year).


(Signature of Register Deeds)

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