KY ALTA Commitment Schedule B Section I 1

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  • Kentucky
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KY ALTA Commitment Schedule B Section I 1

Form Document
V 1

Commitment No.

The following requirements must be met and completed to the satisfaction of the Company before its policy of title insurance will be issued:

1. Pay the full consideration to, or for the account of, grantors or mortgagors.

2. Pay all taxes, charges, assessments, levied and assessed against subject premises, which are due and payable.

3. An affidavit and agreement satisfactory to the Company pertaining to claims of lien for labor, services or materials furnished must be properly executed and submitted to the Company.

4. Payment of the applicable premium.

5. Instruments necessary to create the estate or interest to be insured must be properly executed, delivered and duly filed of record as follows:

6. {Requirements}


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