MS Deed-Warranty (Corporation) 1

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MS Deed-Warranty (Corporation) 1

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FOR AND IN CONSIDERATION of the sum of Ten and No/100ths Dollars ($10.00), cash in hand paid, and other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, _________________________________________, a Mississippi corporation, Grantor, does hereby sell, convey and warrant unto ___________________________________ and wife, _________________________, Grantees as joint tenants with full rights of survivorship and not as tenants in common, the following described land and property situated in the ________________ County, Mississippi, to-wit:

The warranty of this conveyance is made subject to all protective covenants, rights of way, easements, mineral reservations or conveyances of record pertaining to the subject property.

It is understood and agreed that taxes for the year 20_____ have been prorated as of this date on an estimated basis, and when said taxes are actually determined, if the proration is incorrect, then the Grantor agrees to pay to the Grantee any deficit on an actual proration, and likewise, the Grantee agrees to pay to the Grantor any amounts overpaid by the corporation.

WITNESS THE SIGNATURE OF THE GRANTOR this the ________ day of _______________, 20_____.

BY: ______________________________________

GRANTOR: (address)

GRANTEE: (address)


COUNTY OF _____________________

PERSONALLY appeared before me, the undersigned authority in and for the said County and State, on this ________ day of _______________, 20_____, within my jurisdiction, the within named __________________________________, who acknowledged to me that ___ is _______________________ of ______________________, a __________________________________ corporation, and for and on behalf of said corporation and as its act and deed, _____ executed and delivered the above and foregoing instrument of writing after first having been duly authorized by said corporation so to do.




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