DC Acknowledgment-Corporation 1

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DC Acknowledgment-Corporation 1

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IN WITNESS WHEREOF; ABC Corporation has caused these presents to be executed in its behalf by _____________________ its vice president and attested by ___________________ its assistant secretary; and the affixing of its corporate seal hereto; and by the execution and delivery of these presents; the said ABC Corporation does appoint ______________________ (signor) its true and lawful attorney in fact to execute; acknowledge and deliver these presents as its lawful corporate act and deed.

ATTEST:ABC Corporation


Assistant SecretaryVice President


(must affix)



THIS IS TO CERTIFY that on this _______ day of __________________ ; 20_______ ; before me; the subscriber; a Notary Public for the jurisdiction aforesaid; personally appeared _______________________ ; being personally well known to me to be the Vice President of ABC Corporation and acknowledged that he/she; being authorized so to do; executed the foregoing ___________________ (describe instrument) dated the ________ day of _____________, 20_______ ; as the act and deed of said corporation.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF; I have hereunto set my hand and notarial seal the day and year written above.


Notary Public

My commission expires: __________________

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