AZ Additional Advance-Open End Mortgage Endorsement 2

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AZ Additional Advance-Open End Mortgage Endorsement 2

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Attached to Policy No. __________

Issued By


The Company assures:

1. That the title to the estate or interest in the land shown in Schedule A is vested in the maker or makers of the promissory note evidencing the advance hereinafter referred to:

2. That there are no liens or encumbrances of record against said land other than those shown in said policy, except:

3. That no release or reconveyance, full or partial, of the mortgage referred to in Paragraph ____ of Schedule ___ or any modification of said mortgage appears of record.

Upon the representation and assurance by the assured that said assured has made an additional advance to ______________ in the sum of $ __________, evidenced by a promissory note for that amount and secured by said mortgage, the liability of the Company under said policy is hereby increased by said sum; and the Company hereby insures against loss which said assured shall sustain in the event that the assurance of the Company herein shall prove to be incorrect.

The total liability of the Company under said policy and any endorsements therein shall not exceed, in the aggregate, the amount of said additional advance and the amount remaining unpaid on the original indebtedness and costs which the Company is obligated under the Conditions and Stipulations thereof to pay.

This endorsement is made a part of said policy and is subject to the Exclusions from Coverage, Schedules, Conditions and Stipulations therein, except as modified by the provisions hereof.

This endorsement is not to be construed as insuring the title to said estate or interest as of any later date than the date of said policy, except as herein expressly provided as to the subject matter hereof.


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