CO Indemnification Request Checklist 1

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CO Indemnification Request Checklist 1

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Indemnification Request Checklist

Policies issued by Stewart Title Guaranty Company

____Owner's Policy

____Loan Policy

Documentation Attached:

_____Copy of Written Request for indemnification from other underwriter

_____Copy of commitment of the other underwriter

_____Copy of encumbrance for which the Indemnity is sought

_____Copy of Stewart Title Guaranty Company Policy(s)

_____Copy of agents title commitment evidencing requirement for release of lien

_____Copy of the evidence of payoff (HUD Settlement Statement, payoff letter and check, ect.)

_______Proposed Letter of Indemnification

I hereby acknowledge that I have verified the following information relating to this indemnification request.

If Owner's Policy has been issued:

____I have determined that the insured named in Stewart's Policy is the same as the proposed seller in the commitment for the new transaction.

If a Loan Policy has been issued:

____I have determined that the insured lien or mortgage has not been satisfied or released.

Name of Agent ______________________________

Name of Person Submitting Request______________________________

Agents Phone Number_______________________________

Agents Fax Number______________________________


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