T-63 TX Escrow Accounting Addendum Special Disbursement Reconciliation

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T-63 TX Escrow Accounting Addendum Special Disbursement Reconciliation

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Form T-63

Texas Escrow Accounting Addendum

Special Disbursement Reconciliation

LENDER:                                                      LOAN NO:

BORROWERS:                                               GUARANTY FILE NO.:

Special Disbursement Reconciliation

Items Shown as "POC" on Settlement Statement

And Paid From Lenders Funds at Settlement by Settlement Agent

The purpose of this Special Disbursement Reconciliation form is to disclose that certain charges to be paid by the Lender to an affiliated or independent service provider, have been shown as P.O.C. (Paid Outside of Closing) on the HUD-1 Settlement Statement and were not used in computing totals under Section L Settlement charges.

The items described below have been designated as P.O.C. in Section L of the HUD-1 Settlement Statement. In accordance with the Lender's instructions, these items are shown as P.O.C. in accordance with 24 C.F.R. §3500.7(a)(2) and the Section L Settlement Charges instructions of Appendix A to 24 C.F.R. §3500. The items described below were actually paid at settlement, with the Lender's funds, by the settlement agent:


HUD-1 Line No.  Item Description Name of Payee Amount of Payment

This Special Disbursement Reconciliation is executed by the settlement agent as of the date shown below:




ADOPTEDEFFECTIVE December 30, 1999


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