TX Affidavit Regarding Power of Attorney 1997

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TX Affidavit Regarding Power of Attorney 1997

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COUNTY OF _______________§

Before me, the undersigned authority, on this day personally appeared ___________________________, personally known to me to be the person whose name is subscribed hereto, and who, being duly sworn, on his oath swore that the following facts were true and correct:

1. Pursuant to that power of attorney dated _____________, I have been named as agent and attorney in fact for ___________________________ ("Principal").

2. This affidavit concerns the following:

a. the following property ("Land")

b. the following promissory Note (if applicable) ("Note")

3. I am authorized pursuant to the power of attorney to act on behalf of Principal by:

a. selling and conveying the Land, and/or

b. borrowing of funds, executing the note, and mortgaging the Land:

I am authorized to execute any related documents to complete the transaction.

4. Principal was competent at the time of the execution of the power of attorney. The power of attorney has not been revoked by the death of Principal, by the principal's divorce or annulment of the marriage of the principal if the attorney in fact or agent was the principal's spouse, by the qualification of a guardian of the estate of Principal, or by other revocation or termination of the power of attorney.

5. I understand and agree that ___________________________ Title Company, Stewart Title Guaranty Company and ___________________________ (purchaser/lender) are acting in good faith under and in reliance on the power of attorney and on my authority to convey or mortgage the Land on behalf of Principal.

Date: ___________________________


Name: __________________________

Sworn to and subscribed before me the undersigned authority on this the _____ day of ___________________________, 20___, by __________________________.

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