TX Insuring Around Consent Letter 1

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TX Insuring Around Consent Letter 1

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DATE: ________________________________________________________

GF NO. _______________________________________________________

PURCHASER: _________________________________________________

LENDER: _____________________________________________________

PROPERTY: ___________________________________________________

Dear Proposed Insured:

In regard to the above captioned property, you are hereby notified that the item(s) shown on attached Exhibit "A" hereof, now appear of record and are unreleased.

Provisions for the payment of, release of, disposition of and/or appropriate indemnification of the above have been made in accordance with the provisions of Rule P-11, relating to "insuring around", as set forth in Section IV of the Basic Manual of Rules, Rates and Forms for the Writing of Title Insurance in the State of Texas. Accordingly, the aforesaid item(s) will not be excepted from the coverage afforded by the title insurance policy to be issued to you, thereby protecting your title against the effects of the attached.

Please affix your signature in the space provided for same below to indicate both your receipt of this notification and your consent to accept your title policy in accordance with the foregoing.

Yours very truly,





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