The ALTA has adopted the 2006 Owner's and Loan Policies, and a new set of endorsements.  These new forms are the first major changes to ALTA Policies in two decades, and they make the 1970 and 1992 Policies obsolete.

This Seminar is conducted by Jim Kletke and Jim Gosdin of Stewart Title Guaranty Company, who discuss

  • The highlights of the new policies
  • The new endorsements
  • The new commitments
  • The differences between the 2006 Policies and the 1992/1970 Policies
  • What the 2006 Policies do not do
  • What endorsements to the 2006 Policies to ask for to protect your client
  • Why continued request of the 1992/1970 Policies may be malpractice

To participate in this Webinar, please do the following: (1) print out the Webinar Materials: 2006 ALTA Forms; (2) open the audio link and click the play button; (3) open the PowerPoint presentation.

For more information regarding the new ALTA forms, please review bulletin MU000056.