Conducted by Jim Kletke and Jim Gosdin of Stewart Title Guaranty Company on July 25, 2007.

Why you need to know about Affiliated Business Arrangements (ABAs):

ABAs can be an important method for generating income, but they must be structured so that they comply with the law.  This Webinar will discuss:

  • Section 8 Prohibitions of Kickbacks
  • Exceptions, including ABAs
  • The pain and punishment for violating Section 8
  • Core Title Services, and why you should care
  • Employee compensation
  • HUD statement of policy on shams
  • The Enforcement Saga
  • Banks and ABAs

To participate in this Webinar, please do the following: (1) print out the Webinar Materials: Settlement Agreement 1, Settlement Agreement 2, AfBA Profile, 12 USCS § 2602, 12 USCS § 2607, 24 CFR 3500, 24 CFR 3500, Appendix D, 24 CFR 3500.2, 2007 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 41595 (2) open the audio link and click the play button; (3) open the PowerPoint presentation.