Affiliated Business Arrangements - Everything You Need to Know

Conducted by Jim Kletke and Jim Gosdin of Stewart Title Guaranty Company on July 25, 2007.

Why you need to know about Affiliated Business Arrangements (ABAs):

ABAs can be an important method for generating income, but they must be structured so that they comply with the law.  This Webinar will discuss:

  • Section 8 Prohibitions of Kickbacks
  • Exceptions, including ABAs
  • The pain and punishment for violating Section 8
  • Core Title Services, and why you should care
  • Employee compensation
  • HUD statement of policy on shams
  • The Enforcement Saga
  • Banks and ABAs

To participate in this Webinar, please do the following: (1) print out the Webinar Materials: Settlement Agreement 1Settlement Agreement 2AfBA Profile12 USCS § 260212 USCS § 260724 CFR 350024 CFR 3500, Appendix D24 CFR 3500.22007 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 41595 (2) open the audio link and click the play button; (3) open the PowerPoint presentation.