ALTA Endorsement 3 (Zoning) (7-1-21)

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ALTA Endorsement 3 (Zoning) (7-1-21)

Form Document
V 10

ALTA Endorsement 3 (Zoning) (7-1-21)

This Endorsement is Issued as Part of Policy Number ______________________

Issued By
Stewart Title Guaranty Company

File No.:


1.      For purposes of this endorsement, “Zoning Ordinance” means a zoning ordinance or zoning regulation of a political subdivision of the State that is in effect and applicable to the Land at the Date of Policy.

2.      The Company insures against loss or damage sustained by the Insured in the event that, at the Date of Policy:

a.      According to the Zoning Ordinance, the Land is not classified Zone ___________________;

b.      The following use or uses are not allowed under that classification: ___________________.

3.      There is no liability under this endorsement based on:

a.      The lack of compliance with any condition, restriction, or requirement contained in the Zoning Ordinance, including but not limited to the failure to secure necessary consents or authorizations as a prerequisite to the use or uses. Section 3.a. does not modify or limit the coverage provided in Covered Risk 5.

b.      The invalidity of the Zoning Ordinance until after a final decree of a State or federal court having jurisdiction adjudicating the invalidity, the effect of which is to prohibit the use or uses described in Section 2.b.

c.      The refusal of any person to purchase, lease, or lend money on the Title covered by this policy.

Date: _____________________


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