FL STG06 Commitment Schedule B-I 03-11

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  • Florida
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FL STG06 Commitment Schedule B-I 03-11

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Schedule B-I



A. Instruments necessary to create the estate or interest to be insured must be properly executed, delivered and duly filed for record.


B. Affidavit from the seller and borrower stating:

1. That there are no matters pending against them that could give rise to a lien that would attach to the subject property between the effective date of the Commitment and the recording of instruments giving rise to the interest to be insured.

2. That the affiants have not executed and will not execute any instruments that would adversely affect the title to the subject property or the lien of any mortgage to be insured pursuant to the Commitment.

3. A sample form of this affidavit is attached.

C. The closing funds pertaining to the transaction must be disbursed by or at the direction of the insuror or its agent.

D. An updated title examination, commencing as of the effective date of this Commitment, which shall be performed at or shortly prior to the closing of the transaction, should not reveal any title defects or other adverse matters appearing should be disposed of prior to closing to the satisfaction of the insuror or its agent.


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