FL Interim Title Insurance Binder 1

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FL Interim Title Insurance Binder 1

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a corporation of Galveston, Texas, herein called the Company,



hereby insures:

That upon receipt of application, if not previously furnished, and final certificate on the Company's form signed by the approved examiner, showing compliance with and/or satisfaction of the requirements of this Binder, including Schedule B, and upon payment of its premium for title insurance, the Company will issue to you, as owner of or lienholder on the fee simple - leasehold - easement - other (Cross out all but one, or describe)

estate or interest in the land described in Schedule A hereof, its owner's and/or loan policy (Cross out where appropriate) of title insurance, on its usual form in the sum of $_________________

and $_______________ showing in the appropriate schedule thereof only such exceptions as appear in Section 2, of Schedule B of this Binder, provided no liens, encumbrances or objections intervene between the effective date hereof and the date of said policy, or if any liens, encumbrances or objections intervene, provided same are satisfied and/or removed or exception in said policy is made to same. If the instrument shown as Item 1, Section 1, Schedule B, has not been fully filed for record, it must be approved by the Company and duly filed prior to the date of said policy.

This Binder is delivered and accepted upon the understanding that you have no personal knowledge or intimation of any defect, objection, lien or encumbrance affecting said premises not appearing in the public records, other than those shown under Schedule B hereof, and your failure to disclose any such personal information shall render this Binder and any policy issued based thereon, null and void as to such defect, objection, lien or encumbrance.

This Binder incorporates herein the same Conditions and Stipulations that appear on the Company's form of policy which this Binder commits the Company to issue.

This Binder is preliminary to the issuance of a policy of title insurance and shall become null and void, unless policy is issued, and the premium therefor paid, within one hundred eighty (180) days from the date hereof.

The inclusion of any exception, exclusion or requirement herein shall in no way affect, limit or modify any other exception, exclusion or requirement herein or in said policy of title insurance unless expressly so stated.

That the title to said estate or interest in the land described in Schedule A hereof was, on the effective date hereof vested in

Signed under seal for the Company, but this Binder is to be valid only when it bears an authorized Countersignature, this _____ day of _________________ , 20____, at _______ o'clock ____ M., the effective date hereof.

Schedule A

Legal description of the land referred to in this Binder.

Schedule B

SECTION 1. Showing instrument conveying or encumbering the estate or interest to be insured (Item 1), requirements to be complied with, defects and objections to be removed or eliminated, and liens and encumbrances to be satisfied and discharged of record before policy of title insurance will be issued without exception thereto.

Item 1.

Item 2. Restrictions or restrictive covenants have not been violated.

Item 3. Payment to or for the account of the grantors or mortgagors of the full consideration for the estate or interest, mortgage or lien to be insured.

Item 4. Proof of payment of all bills for labor and materials furnished or to be furnished in connection with improvements erected or to be erected.

Item 5. Pay all general and special taxes now due and payable including the following:

Item 6. Execution of Purchaser-Mortgagor Form required by Florida Insurance Commissioner rule 4-21.01.

Item 7. Any titles or rights asserted by anyone including but not limited to persons, corporations, governments or other entities, to tidelands, or lands comprising the shores or bottoms of navigable rivers, lakes, bays, ocean or gulf, or lands beyond the line of the harbor or bulkhead lines as established or changed by the United States Government or water rights, if any.

SECTION 2: Showing matters which will appear in Schedule B of the policy:

1. General and special taxes for the year 20_____ and subsequent years. Special taxes and assessments now assessed or levied but payable in future installments, to-wit:

2. Restrictive covenants affecting the property described herein.

3. Rights or claims of parties other than the Insured in actual possession of any or all of the property. (In owner's policy only.)

4. Unrecorded easements, if any, on, above or below the surface. (In owner's policy only.)

5. Possible unfiled mechanic's and materialmen's liens. (In owner's policy only.)

6. Any discrepancies or conflicts in boundary lines or shortage in area or encroachments. (Can be eliminated or amended in loan policy upon proper survey being furnished.

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