CN Loan Policy Schedule B 1997

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CN Loan Policy Schedule B 1997

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Loan Form Policy No.:

This policy does not insure against loss or damage ( and the Company will not pay costs, legal fees, or expenses ) which arise by reason of:

1. Existing liens not shown by the public records.

2. Reservations, exceptions, limitations, provisos, restrictions and exceptions contained in the letters patent or the original grant from the crown, unpatented mining claims, and any native or aboriginal claim affecting the land.

3. Any unregistered easement or right of way.

4. Rights or claims of any person to or in respect of the land not shown by the public records which would have been discovered by on-site inspection of the land or inquiry of persons in possession of the land.

5. Taxes, assessments, levies or betterment charges, which are not shown as existing liens by the public records.

6. Encroachments, defects or other matters ( other than Subdivision Agreements and Development Agreements ) which may be disclosed by an up-to-date survey or real property report of the land.

[Enter all instruments registered on title:]

[In the event this policy is issued to a second mortgagee, registration particulars of the first mortgage should be set out.]

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