Escrow Account Reconciliation and Funding Service Assistance

Stewart Financial Services can help your business run smoothly as you deal with critical business adjustments tied to COVID-19.

Dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak is putting added pressure on everyone. Making sure employees are safe while keeping your business running is a tough challenge.

Stewart Financial Services can help keep things moving for you during this tough time with escrow account reconciliation and funding and escrow services.

Escrow Account Reconciliations

Escrow Account Reconciliations are provided via remote access to your computer system and accounting software. Your solution will be based upon your particular needs and business situation and include:

  • Follow-up and assistance in resolving unidentified items
  • Reconciliations on a monthly, weekly or daily basis
  • Fast communication of concerns to reduce potential losses from your accountbsite.

Funding And Escrow Services

As part of Stewart’s funding and escrow services, we offer holding and disbursement services based on a lender’s unique needs. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Holding earnest money deposits for your agency until the transaction is ready to close or until all requirements have been met
  • Handling partial or complete disbursements based on a lender’s instructions and your agency’s requirements
  • Investing funds on your behalf, opening and managing the accounts as directed by the agreement to invest funds
  • Acting as escrow agent on your behalf while working with developers on large condominium projects

If you'd like to speak further about either of these services, please call 713-232-4438.

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