18.24 Solar Access Easements


In General

Solar energy systems used for the collection and connection of the sun's rays into energy, and for heating and cooling purposes require clear access to direct sunlight. Without access to direct sunlight, over a sufficiently large “access pattern” and for a sufficient length of time (approximately from nine o’clock in the morning to four o’clock in the afternoon), no solar energy system can function effectively.

The “access pattern” for sunlight to the collector or solar pane located on the property is three-dimensional. Sometimes it is referred to as the “solar skyspace”.


Methods for Assuring Solar Access

Solar access can be established through one of these methods:

·  Zoning and subdivision regulations.

·  Building code requirements.

·  Subdivision covenants established by the developer.

·  Solar easement legislation.

·  Appurtenant solar easement.